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With Grant County Mulch as your vendor, you will never have to make multiple calls again to fill your supply needs. Offering guaranteed products, selection & availability within 24 hours...

We save those in the Lawn & Garden industry time, energy & most importantly money. 



While other companies use ground up pallets, Grant County Mulch’s colored mulches are produced from only safe, natural wood from the forests. Generally, we use the lighter colored barks from trees such as poplar & pine. These light colored barks allow us to make mulches that result in crisp, vibrant colors. 

  • Available in Four Different Colors

  • Long Lasting Color (9-12 months)

  • Environmentally Superior

  • Shredded Texture for Moisture Retention

  • Assists with Weed Control & Soil Enhancement

Piedmont Red Mulch at Grant County Mulch

Piedmont Red

Midnight Mt. Black Mulch at Grant County Mulch, WV
Appalachian Brown Color-Enhanced Mulch at GCM

Midnight Mt. Black

Appalachian Brown

Screenshot 2024-06-27 at 7.38.24 PM.png

Cherry Brown


We offer aged & shredded hardwood mulch for projects that demand only the best!

  • Multipurpose Mulch

  • Aged for 60-90 Days

  • Resistant to Decomposition

  • 100% Organic (ZERO Pallet or Construction Materials)

  • Kid-Friendly Playground Mulch with No Artificial Additives or Petroleum Products

Premium Red Oak Hardwood Mulch at Grant County Mulch

Premium Red Oak

Aged for at least 90 days, our Premium Red Oak mulches triple shredded for those projects that demand the highest quality of hardwood mulch.

Playground Mulch, WV

Kiddie Mat

 Made of 100% virgin wood mulch. When spread 12 inches deep, this mulch will provide a cost-effective, visually appealing answer to playground safety.

Select Hardwood Mulch at Grant County Mulch in Petersburg, WV

Select Hardwood

Our Select Harwood at Grant County Mulch is multi-purpose mulch that has aged 60 days and has been double shredded. 



Gardener's Favorite!

The Bark from pine trees (confer ) has long been a favorite of gardeners throughout the United States. The bearing sizes, textures & shapes of the Pine bark make it an extremely versatile material for both mulches & soil conditioners.  

  • Three Classic Pine Bark Mulch Options

  • Outstanding Reputation for Moisture Retention

  • Assists with Weed Control

  • Provides Protection & Insulation for Plants

  • Crowd Favorite around Patios, Decks & Outdoor Living Areas

Shredded Pine Bark Mulch at Grant County Mulch

Shredded Pine Bark Mulch

Mini Nuggets at Grant County Mulch


Aged Pine Bark Fines at Grant County Mulch, WV

Aged Pine Bark Fines

Gardener mulching with pine bark juniper plants in the yard. Seasonal works in the garden.
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